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I provide app development services across the iOS and Android platforms, all Apple devices including iPhone, iPad and Watch, as well as all mobile or tablet devices running Android. I can therefore provide a complete solution.

I offer the following app development services…

App Design. I love all the latest devices, and that’s why I work with them and know them inside and out. Because of this I can offer broad guidance on your next app project even if you only want a feasibility study or design scope completed.

I am not only an expert in app development but in the whole feasibility, specification and design stages, ensuring you get the results you are looking for. I can work through your in-house designs, or with your in-house designers or complete the project 100% on my own, whichever you prefer.

App Development. Once you give me the app design, or have me produce one for you, we can proceed to the actual development work. I follow short iterations (we find app development has shorter timescales than traditional software development) and use tried and tested tools for managing the workflow, tools such as Jira and Greenhopper to ensure the project is completed on or before time.

Marketing Analysis. Launching your app is only the start of the story, you need to keep the updates flowing and the features improving to ensure your customer base consistently comes back for more.

I can work with you to analyse your existing app(s) and tell you how they are doing, why they are not performing (if that is the case) and how best to re-brand or re-design them to maximum effect.

If you utilise my app development services, I ensure that your app has full analytics tracking from the outset to ensure you always have access to up-to-the-minute statistics of users, downloads and launches.

Consultancy and Training. I also offer consultancy services where needed to evaluate the mobile space to see how it fits within your organisation. I have a team of highly skilled individuals from a broad range of technologies and markets spanning ISP’s, broadcasting, music and gaming and are best placed to advise you on the next steps you could and should take into this exciting area.

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